Fisher Price Peek a Blocks Incrediblock

The Fisher Price peek a blocks Incrediblock is a great toy for toddlers between 9 months and 2 years old. It is basically a bloc that gives young children the opportunity to have endless amounts of fun any time of day.

It Comes with a total of 8 blocks that when placed in the assigned slots on the top of the bloc make the sound of the item that's in the block while the circle spins around. The Fisher Price Peek a Blocks Incrediblock needs 3- C batteries to make the sounds and it is a great toy that will make playtime extra fun.

The Fisher Price Incrediblock is a great big bloc of fascinating discoveries, with music, motion, lights, and five sides of busy play. The Incrediblock helps babies learn more about what's inside each block. When a certain block is placed on the main center area, the toddler will hear the word description of what's inside the block. After that they will hear a related sound effect and then a related tune while the center area will light up and a disk will whirl blocks around.

The Fisher Price Incrediblock has many great features including a total of 5 sides of fun activity play including 2 block drop sides and 2 storage sides. As you can see the incrediblock although resembles a standard block it differs immensely on the number of fun option it has for toddlers.

Most Fisher Price Incrediblocks come with 8 Peek-a-Blocks, but stores over 30 blocks in total. If you buy yours online you will find that some parents have already purchased the additional blocks and will make them available to you at the same price. In addition to the blocks the Fisher Price Incrediblock offers many other fun activities on top like bat at balls, beads, flipping pages and a block teeter-totter.

Another interesting activity that this Fisher Price toy offers is the Spin & Learn. This activity is located at the top of the Incrediblock. That is where all the action is as well as the learning. All you need to do is to place any of the eight special Peek-a-Blocks in the center to bring it to life. Then you will hear words, sounds and songs to discover what's inside each block.

What makes the Fisher Price Incrediblock even better are the plug and play potential. Once it is powered up bright, bold patterns, charming images and a shiny mirrors stimulate the toddlers senses. The block itself acts storage for all the smaller blocks because the simple action of placing blocks through the holes and watching them disappear is sure to entertain and enlighten your curious baby. The large storage drawer inside the incrediblock holds up to 30 smaller peek a blocks.

When droping one of the blocks in the Fisher Price Incrediblock a sound is produced. Every sound is different depending on which block is dropped. Toddlers love dropping blocks in the Fisher Price Incrediblock and you can sit and relax while you watch then drop or even take part in the action..

These activities actually help develop your toddlers motor skills as well as encourage the development of the balance, hand eye coordination as well as encouraging the development of your toddlers cognitive abilities. Fans of the Fisher Price Peek a Blocks Incrediblock also claim that while their children play with the block it encourages the baby’s cognitive abilities because it helps your baby understand spatial concepts like in out and up, down.

Over all the Fisher Price Peek a Blocks Incrediblock is not only a toy. Fisher Price has realy thought about everything when developing this toy. There are many things your toddler can do and as a result the incrediblock can keep them intrigued and stimulated for hours while educating them on taking their first steps in life.

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